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Hey everyone!

My name is Ivan, I'm from Budapest, Hungary. I've recently bought a brand new white/red 2020 XSR700.
Haven't ridden it yet as the weather is not so good anymore here, so I opted to leave it at the dealership for winter storage/maintenance.

I've had a 2007 FZ1S before this bike - quite the change. Unfortunately I've mostly used it for commuting and running errands in the city recently, not the best life for such a powerful bike. It's a great litre bike and I liked it a LOT but I've decided that I should get a smaller, lighter bike which I can still use for some fun rides in the countryside.
When I first saw and sat on an XSR700 about 2 years ago I instantly liked it. Really beautiful machine in my opinion.

So here we are, I have to cope with the cold turkey during the winter months. 馃槹

Anyhow - great to be here and lots of good info on these forums


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Welcome Ivan, I think you'll appreciate the XSR 700. It's not as powerful as an FZ1 but you probably already knew that. I also had a 2008 FZ1, then a FZ07, then a FZ09, now I'm also riding a XSR 700. It's a more tractable ride I think, is slightly lighter, and gets better mileage.
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