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Hello from Cambridge, UK

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Hi all

Pleased to say i took delivery of my XSR on friday and loving it so far 馃榾 the forum was a great source of info before purchase and I'm sure will be afterwards.

I brought it from a dealer near Leeds, couldn't find time to travel up there, so i risked buying unseen. (Although only 400 miles on her so a reduced risk I thought).

The risk paid off and here she is..



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Congratulations and welcome to the forum. :)
Welcome, Ian. Did it come with the Akra pipes fitted? At that mileage it sounds like an ex-demo...a good way to pick up a bargain, especially if the dealer has fitted some goodies.
Thanks guys.

The previous owner got the dealer to install the exhaust when they purchased the bike new, but obviously didn't ride it too much before part-exchanging for a Kawasaki (madness!)

I'm a new rider, and tomorrow will be my first bike commute to work :)
Hello Ian, I am from Cambridge as well, same bike, same colour, same exhaust....hang on, just going to check my garage lol!
You'll flippin' love it.

Make sure it gets the 600 mile service. Other than that... enjoy!
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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