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Hello everyone. Name is Dan. Got a 2018 grey xsr700. Love it so far. Raised the shifter pedal to easy get my boot in for upshifts. Turned the brake lever to 5 to get it closest for two finger braking. Got an after market radiator screen from the other side of the planet. $30, good deal and fit great. Looks way better than the radiator just sitting out there and was $120 less than the genuine.

Upcoming plans for the bike are shogun engine sliders, shogun bar end caps, back and front wheel hub sliders, smaller white led turn signals front and rear, small dart flyscreen, and probably some soft panniers since the tail light gets in the way of cargo-netting a pack and getting enough seat room. Love the tail light anyway :) Still using a bungee net for now.

Down the road plans are smaller fully adjustable brake and clutch levers. Would like to single finger the clutch, but don't like the feel for that with the stock levers and rest of fingers on the bar handle. Maybe an SC Conic Euro4 exhaust? But that's years down the road, bike fully paid off. The stock looks good and is fine with me for now.

No tail tidy for me. I like the look of the back fender and I am fine with the license plate set up. You still see most of the massive back wheel and it looks cool. USA license plates are small anyway. I could see myself wanting to tail tidy if it was a UK plate. If I get caught in the rain it would probably be during a commute and I don't want rain and dirt spraying back. Keeping that tail tidy, LOL.

I didn't get a tool kit with the bike. In fact it looks like the battery cover is totally missing. I heard that has happened to some people.

The key placement and "tucked" cables around it? That is definitely a flaw. Shouldn't have to struggle to get your key in or out. But those are the corners cut probably for the price to be so good. A small dart flyscreen will at least make that area look better.

I really want to raise the brake pedal but I couldn't get at the nut to adjust the brake light switch, so I put it back. I am getting some great advice in the 'Finally adjusted rear brake lever' discussion. So thanks for that Major_Tom and Tigerjohn.

That's about it for now.

Nice to be here, and hopefully I can help people out too.


License plate in pic was one of those huge paper temporary plates. :)


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