Hey guys!!

Selling my SpeedoHealer as it is no longer needed!

It's currently fitted to the bike hence the no pictures, but it's fully working and complete, I could even make a video as how to wire to the XSR, though this unit will fit many other bikes too.

What does the unit do?

Well you can use it to adjust your speedo to reflect any changes made to the gearing.

or in my case, you can use it to 'wind-up' the speedo.

I had to replace my speedo with another unit following a fault, this left with going from 12k to 1k hahah, so you leave it plugged in and it runs the bike at 360mph until you get to the desired millage, a niche use I know, but quite interesting, I'm ranting now.. ..but yes one speedohealer for sale.

Open to offers / price matching any buy it now on eBay by 10%