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The capped off connector under the seat is for OBDII diagnostic use. You will want to clarify what year your XSR is, as US '22 bikes are all LED, (except the license plate light), and likely have a different harness.

Gauge cluster as well?

If you just want to turn off headlight/brake/running lights and license plate light, don't cut/splice the OEM wiring. That's reducing the value to the next owner and inviting more problems than you need. Instead, build an inline piece to interrupt the circuit and plug it into an existing spot where plugs already exist. You could do this in some cases at the fuses, using an inline fuse in place of the original fuse holder. You might be able to do this with the headlight relay in a similar fashion.

Another method in some cases is to interrupt the ground instead of interrupting the 12v side of the circuit.

Eastern Beaver has a lot of OEM connectors if you need a Yamaha connector or a few.

Moose Utility has some offerings that also may be of interest, components and pigtail harnesses.

Cycle Terminal is another source.

Wire Care & Ron Francis also.
1 - 2 of 10 Posts