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Im seriously thinking of making the switch, mainly for 2 reasons:

I really love the look of the 900 especially the rock slate one, and it's probably my last chance to get it 'cause the color is not going to be available anymore.

The other reason is the sound. It's not that I don't like the parallel twin sound, I just LOVE the triple sound, like a mix of a 2cylinder and a 4cylinder, not too low, not too high..

Can anyone give any other feedback, things you like more, or things that disappointed you? It would certainly help my choice 馃檪

Thanks a lot

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Not rode the xsr900 but put 4000 miles on its brother the MT 09tracer I really struggled with comfort and handling but the engine is absolutely BRILLIANT power everywhere it is like a automatic overtake any car in 6 gear where as on the 700 you plan your overtakes and probably use 5 gear.
Neither bike is audible without a decent aftermarket pipe all you will hear on the 900 is in-take noise. So the wonderful triple sound is lost
View Ryan @fort nine for a good overview like a lot of people he wonders if the xsr really needs all that power. For me personally at 6'4" the 700 was a better fit for my legs on fuel tank cut outs. Had not been for my previous experience on the bigger engine I too would have been tempted as it is a fantastic engine.

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Install a 45 teeth sprocket and you'll love your CP2.
I overtake in 6gear, no problem now !

I owned some good sensation bikes (1000 GSXR Street Bike, 900 Hornet, Ducati S4R, 900 CBR Street Bike, 650 XR supermoto, 500 CR Supermoto...)...For my health, my wife and my daughter (4 years old), I prefer the CP2... :D
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