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Hey Error, maybe we could meet for the Gentleman´s ride meeting in Murcia in Spetember.
Eso está hecho!!!

Congrats on the new purchase! Lucky you living in Spain and getting to ride all around the year.
That's true!! and the region where I live (Alicante) is still much better ....

Welcome to the forum! Good choice of color, always thought that green would look best in comparison to the others, although i'm starting to think some sort of matte clear wrap will make it look better to me.
Of the three colors to choose it is the one I liked, but the yellow anniversary've seen in the store and it's beautiful.

I think they had agreed to put the black radiator, mimics the vintage and should have thought of that.

How has your first week of riding been so far? Any likes/dislikes discovered during that period?
After traveling for a month, I think for me it's perfect.

Although I am not used to the twin cylinder .... I did not expect much power from below.

I like much.
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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