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I needed a bit more pull back on my bars and decided to do handlebar risers to achieve a bit more, figuring I may go to different bars that may be slightly lower in rise. The risers place the bars further back and raising them a bit. So, back is good, rise can be taken care of with lower bars of equal pull back.

I could only find one set that was reasonably priced, these - click here - all others for MTs and FZs were 22mm (7/8). These were for the 28mm (1-1/8) but...

The holes were not quite positioned right and needed drilled out to 23/64 (9.5mm) to get the bolt holes to line up, and the bolts needed the threads chased with a die. From there they worked fine.

So if you want bars back a bit, maybe up, these work with minor modifications for $36.60. Delivered in 3 days. Makes me happy.
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