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Greetings from Spain

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Hi There!

My name is Miguel and recently I became a proud owner of a beautiful XSR700.

I ordered a month ago and it felt like an eternity. But the await was worth it.

When I picked it up from the dealership I was so amazed when I realized that my new bike was the new 2017 model with the new black radiator :smile2:

I'm so so happy with the purchase.

Sadly is pouring rain these days here in Spain so I'll have to wait a few days to enjoy it properly.

But I'm looking forward to enjoy it a lot!!

Cheers to all


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Welcome and congratulations on your purchase, looks so much better with the black radiator, hopefully you'll enjoy riding it very soon.
Hey, welcome. We are TWO already in the south east of Spain. I am in the north east of Almería, really close to the Murcia province.

Do not forget to visit the spanish Facebook group: (tresuvesdobles).facebook.com/groups/yamaha.xsr/?fref=ts

Welcome to the forum guys! If Spain wasn't so large, I'd say you both should meet up for a ride. :grin2:

any modification plans for your new xsr700?
I just received my new Rizoma crash bobins!

I was about to install it today but I'm just looking for the right amount of torque for the bolts :)
Awesome, I hadn't realised 2017 model had a black radiator. Looks much better. Are you aware of any other changes?
Hi chop!

Appart from the black radiator the small plate on top of the headlight its been replaced by a black version.


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It sucks that Yamaha didn't think about painting the rad in black earlier especially during an era that already indicates that people want cleaner looking bikes. That makes me question the design team and why they didn't originally do it, but at least we have it now. Might have been a conflict in their minds of rugged vs clean.
Welcome ! That's definitely a gorgeous bike you got there :)

What do you have planned for it ??
HI Miguel


Your GREEN machine is SUPER hot.

Enjoy it safely. I will post my own pic, but with AL radiator? I like the black on yours.

Peace from Norman, Oklahoma, USA.
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