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Hi to all friends!!!
My name is Lucio, I'm from Cesena and have 23 years old.
First sorry for my english, I'm trying to force myself to learn.
I ordered a new Yamaha XSR 900, delivery expected in late May.
Yes I know, this is a forum for XSR 700, ''the little sister'' as like to talk to me.
But, because the 900 e 700 share some parts, also it would be useful to share information.

Thank you! CIAOOOOOO:grin2:

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Welcome Lucio,
i'm sure we can share the Forum also with XSR900 owners...these bikes comes from the same family! ;-)
I'm waiting to take my XSR700 for the end of March!

Sono italiano anche io, quindi se vuoi possiamo scambiarci qualche info oppure sensazione anche su messaggio privato per evitare di incasinare il Forum con post in italiano!

Ciao ciao!!!
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