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Greetings from Holland

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Hi guys,

Just a quick little introduction from Holland. I bought my XSR a couple of months back and have been loving it ever since! Great to find some like-minded people on the interwebs.
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Hi Dan, Welcome to the forum. How is the bike, any mods completed or planned?
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Good to have you onboard Daniel, plenty of useful and helpful folk on here...
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Hi guys,

Thanks for the welcome!

And yep, some mods here and there. I didn't know if this was the thread to post it in, so I didn't post it yet. The things I did so far aren't too drastic, but enough to make it my own. More might follow in the future, but I have no specific plans yet (but I'm happy to be inspired by you guys ;))

Anyways, the mods:
I feel the XSR700 isn’t necessarily a “retro styled” bike (which is what a lot of people call it), but rather a “modern bike with classic elements” So what I set out to do was actually make it feel a little more sporty and modern instead of accentuating the elements that might be considered 'retro'.

Eventually I ended up buying the forest green version of the bike, but I decided to replace some of the panelling right away. I replaced both the panel that runs over the fuel tank and both the panels on the sides (with the three holes in them) with the tech black versions of the same panels. Just to make it look a little more clean, and to accentuate the lines of the seat by continuing the black line over the fuel tank.
To further accentuate all the round elements on the bike (the lights, the console) I also installed Rizoma ‘One’ round mirrors.

Some other things that speak more for themselves:
- Gilles tooling XSR700 levers (which I’m super happy with)
- Evotech radiator guard
- Evotech tail tidy
- Rizoma framesliders

And some more practical things:
- Yamaha heated grips
- TomTom navigation

The last thing I’m still messing around with is a SC-Project Conic 70’s exhaust, which I’m currently having somewhat of a love/hate relationship with. But I’ll save that story for a separate topic.
I’ll make some better pictures when I can but attached two pic’s I already had.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts!


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