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Greetings from Germany

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Hi Guys, greetings from Germany! Im super excited to join you since I just came back from my Yamaha dealership with a signed contract for a silver xsr 700. Ill try my best to have everything registered soon and should be on the road on Wednesday or Thursday. Thanks to you guys I have already enough Inspiration for a few first Mods - i ordered the bike with the silver number Shield and mt 07 sliders, but will be doing the Mesh mod soon and maybe a new exhaust in a few months.


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Welcome to the forum - you're going to enjoy the bike. The 'mesh' mod is the best 'cost-benefit' mod you will do on your XSR - it seems strange that Yamaha didn't do it themselves!
Welcome aboard, I bet you can't wait to get it.... and the Mesh mod is simple but very effective mod. Look forward to seeing your future mods too...
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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