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Good Iphone/Android Smartphone holder?

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Hey there. I have a question: is there any phone mount that works for the xsr 700, that you've tried?
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I too would like to know this. Their is like a 4 pronged spring phone holder that is supposed to be good with a strap to stop your phone coming out. Seen it on one of ryan f9's youtube videos
The one i spoke of above is a RAM mount phone holder. Good bit of kit
if i may recommend, i bought this one: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/X-Grip-Ce...USB-Charger-/381620362592?hash=item58da589d60

it has long enough charging cable connected directly to the battery and what is great, also power on switch, so it doesnt drain battery all the time. it can be switched on only when you need, not that the little led would drain much, but still its great.

have been using it whole last year, also in high speeds.
holder itself is quite universal for any phone size
thanks for the answers, but where do you guys mount it? for me on the left side of the handlebar, the cables are too tight to fit something inbetween
I am using the following RAM mount holder:


I mounted it right next to the speedometer and it fits perfetly.
Companys have a monsterouse monopoly on prices when it comes to bikes....im a boater and am used to inflated prices when popping marine on anything even tho its the same.......why would a phone holder cost £60 when u can get them for cars for £6. Yes they need to be secure but a u bolt around a frame is not justification of £60....same with sat navs too their mega bucks for bike specific...............
Rant over lol
im a boater and am used to inflated prices
Unintended pun there:grin2::grin2::grin2:

But yes totally agree, i guess us bikers have limited options when it comes to accessories therefore we either 'pay through the nose' or don't have it:frown2:
Ram seems to be the standard for motorcycle phone/GPs mounts, but I am interested in these ones with the rubber straps.
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Their the 1ns googles....not cheap tho
I took the plunge on a RAM mount yesterday. The whole lot is fiercely expensive. £90 all in; luckily I had a £30 voucher which took the sting out somewhat.

These are the three bits I bought (the actual phone mount, a short connecting arm, and the bit which actually bolts to the bike:

The mounting kit allows you to fit the mounting ball either to the bar via a ‘U’ bolt, or what I opted for which is the ball mounting onto the front brake mount. This option makes it nice and clean looking when you don’t want your phone mounted as you can remove the whole thing bar the ball. It comes with 2 lengths of bolts, in my configuration the shorter one was too short and the longer one too long. I ended up using the longer bolt with a nut in place to space it out. Not ideal, I shall probably Dremel down the bolts to make it look cleaner. However, it’s secure which is the main thing, remember these bolts hold your front brake onto the handlebar!

The kit does come with that flappy bit or rubber too, I left it off but now I know how it mounts I’ll definitely use it!

I’ve not used the kit on the road yet.
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Good bit of kit but £90 wow thats bloody pricy lol. If your happy tho them jobs a jobben.
Definitely is pricey, but seems to be the most widely used and trusted :) Except for that one video I watched where a vlogger lost his phone going down the main road... but hey.. first and only situation I heard of. Be brave !
Not a bad shout if your just nippimg down the road but on a reasonable ride thats gunna get annoying....
Also no use really for sat nav should you use your phone.
That would be cool, but I can imagine how inconvenient it can make things. Especially if you have your phone on a charger or power bank or something.
My take on the phone holder
see the pictures in the attachment

remove the bolt and screw the case to the tank, space enough for a phone and a battery pack, and its waterproof.
not the easiest to look at but I use it for music and calls via a Bluetooth headset, if you turn the satnav on you get voice commands.
best of all only £10 from ebay, I had to find the bolt myself and drill a hole to fit.




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Thats a good option and you can get magnetic versions of these like tank bags but i always wonder if the magnets will screw with the phone......but i have read online and u would need neodynium magnets and stronger to mess with the average smartphone.....
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