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Givi SR2126 rack

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Hi folks,

Just got my new XSR and busy fitting it out. I upgraded from a scooter, so this is a huge jump up! I have searched here and although I have seen a lot of pictures, I'm hoping you can help: if the GIVI top box frame/rack is on the bike, can one still take a pillion passenger? Or does the frame protrude along the sides of the seat so much that it rubs on the inside of their legs?

I'm thinking of going SR2126 and Trekker box. You can never have too much space! LOL

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I'm looking for the same answer. I've asked around the web but never had appropriate answers.
Anyway I think there will be no particular problems with the passenger since it was designed specifically. Also the E22 bags can be swapped L/R
Hi, I have this set up and my girlfriend loves it. The rail doubles up as a grab rail, doesn't affect her legs at all. The back box (V47NNT) provides support, and I even have the additional TMT2126 Pannier Rack with the MT501 panniers, and these don't encroach at all on the pillion, even when they are expanded. Except maybe having to put her feet a tiny bit further forward on the pegs. I don't have any pictures of the rack on with a pillion unfortunately, but I can say that it does work!
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Thanks Matt - appreciate the good feedback - especially that the panniers also work!

I have fitted the SR2126 rack and it works like a charm with no interference with the passenger at all. The only thing I can say about it is that the screws they provide are too short! I had to buy some longer screws to make it all work. But really liking it.

Oh really?? Everything fit on mine just right. Sounds like you got a duff batch of screws in the kit! Bummer. Glad to hear it's all fitted now though! I would post a picture of just how much we managed to take on our camping trip, but for some reason I can't post pictures, and admin won't reply to me!
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