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Givi E22 Lateral Bags

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Dear all,
My apologises as I am new on this site, and just getting used to it. I am not sure If I am duplicating the content, but I couldn't find anything.

I am thinking on getting the GIVI E22 for my XSR700 (and the mount for the chasis) . Have anyone bought them? Did you have a good experience?

And also, and more important, does it afect to the passenger while mounted ?
Many many thanks,


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Old thread, but I am curious as well... Mascher, did you end up going for the Givi bags?

Anybody else have experience adding luggage to their XSR700?
What do the frames look like?

More useful, if less trendy, than the Legend bags from SW-Motech.
After resurrecting this old post I came across the following thread that goes into much more detail on the givi racks/bags and others:. https://www.xsr700forums.com/forum/#/topics/8330
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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