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Full LED Headlight upgrade (Main High/Low Beam & Parking Light)

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Full LED Headlight upgrade (iSincer H4 Main High/Low Beam & Philips X-treme Ultinon Parking Light)

Brand new.

I use these myself and as they were only available for purchase in packs of 2, I have one of each Bulb left for sale which I am offering together, as a kit.

Main unit is an
iSincer H4 High Beam-Low Beam 6000k unit, featuring Philips LEDs.
The Parking Light Bulb is the latest version of
Philips' X-treme Ultinon W5W T10 6000k LED.

The bulbs offer a significant improvment in performance over the stock parts as well as offering a cosmetic improvement when fitted (and a modern White light, rather than the overly warm Yellow of the originals).

See racingkoala's thread for more information:

Neither item requires any modification at all to fit, just needing the 2 screws in the 4 and 8 o'clock positions to be removed so that the interior of the Headlight Bucket can be accessed.


Price is GBP £30 firm (~EU €35) including shipping.
Shipping available Worldwide, from Cyprus
(For reference, with shipping to me here, the 2 parts, as 2-packs originally cost me ~€65)


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