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Frame sliders / case sliders

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So I just learned something about frame sliders. The thing is that if you fall at "high speed" with frame sliders held on to the bike by one point only, it might bend the frame. Thats not cool..

With this in my mind, I do want to change my sliders.
I have had the Rizoma B-Pro for a while now and they did the job very well when I fell a low speed (only scratch on handlebar), but they are one point only.

Would appreciate to know what you guys think about this and also which slider /case cover would you advise me that are not one point
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If you fall at "high speed" then I don't think it matters what frame sliders/crash bungs you have. Chances are, it will wreck the bike enough to write it off anyways.

Those frame bungs are designed to help protect (but not guarantee) the bike frame and tinwork from damage at low speed falls... i.e. you push it over on your drive or garage by accident.

I have R&G single point crash bungs and that's as far as I'm prepared to go, without ruining the look of the bike.
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You're probably right. It's just that when I discovered this, I was like sh*t I don't want this to appen to my bike.

Anyways, I still think that multy point sliders will have lower chances to bend the frame if it doesn't wreck it all first.
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