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Busted the ring that mounts the headlight bucket when I ate it in a gravel pit; not the three-holed brackets that a bunch of aftermarket versions of exist, but the actual part on the ring that those screw into. Anyone have a headlight setup that mounts directly to the forks? There are a lot of Chinese-tier looking adapters out there to do that, though I'm afraid that they would wobble around at high speeds. I can bend back the stock headlight mount but I'm looking at frog fairings now just to see how they mount. S2 and JvB come to mind, it appears they both use the existing rings.

Just found this gorgeous thing but that price is outrageous.


Also considering a small cowl just for the wind deflection when tucked in through the canyons, I might end up putting something together like that. Hard to tell with all the thousands of clones which small cowls and led headlights are actually going to be durable or are fragile cheap bits.
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