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First service

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Have the 600 miles recorded today is first service day, in the U.K. we are enjoying? Temperatures not seen since 76 had the bike two weeks now and it is only covered in bugs.
Looking forward to hearing my hi -level akra above 6K.
Enjoy your weekend were ever you are.
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Well that was all very painless even the rain held off.......... BUT
I asked the salesman why I could not find a phone number anywhere for my 2 years breakdown assistance?
" I suspect they are very busy I'm sure you will receive it soon with a welcome pack.
Hey presto next morning letter from Yamaha in letterbox revs your heart etc. But no a recall my chain guard could leave the bike causing death or serious injury.
If that letter had arrived yesterday could have got both jobs done!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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