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First one up for sale?

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So I've decided to put my 700 up for sale, looking at getting the 900 now. If anyone's UK based friends are looking for one I got it up on eBay and gumtree just search Yamaha xsr700. Shorty black levers, full carbon akrapovic.
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Do you think the bike it's not enough for you? I mean...do you need more power and upgrated suspensions?
I decided between the 700 and 900 and then i decided for the 700 without doubts!

The engine it's very good and enough for my tastes (i also prefer a twin engine)...and also suspensions are ok for me.
Also the price it's very good for the 700; for the 900 it's good too but the bike it's more expansive!
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I just feel like (and keep in mind i do like the 700) the 700 is very much the cheap version of the 900.

All the mods i had planned for my 700 are correcting things that are standard on the 900, such as the handlebars on the 700 look terrible and are awkwardly placed, as are the mirrors which are high, the suspensions softness really compromises the braking, and the speedo is placed badly too. I feel bad saying this on a 700 forum but i do love the bike! its just in the bigger picture once i spend all the money making the 700 right for me it works out cheaper upgrading to the 900. The main pros i found upon test riding the 900 (i got my 7 in january so did not get chance to test 9) is the braking is leagues ahead thanks to the stiffer suspension, the handlebars are flat and do not look misplaced, these are also set with low nice looking mirrors, the power is obviously a huge difference its amazing how big the difference is. I owned a bonneville before so its not like im power mad, i just think the 900 is more complete than the 700.

I will still be staying on the 700 forums as i like the bike and the mods people are doing, also everyone here is great :D
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Hi, seen your bike on eBay....I also am thinking of selling mine....its a great bike and I love to ride it, but I've signed up for Advanced Riding courses and realised that I would like to tour, and that Yam Tracer is the bike I probably should have bought!

Good luck with the auction!
I ended up trading it in at the dealer had a long back and forth with it but eventually got what i wanted. Picking up my slate grey...even though its obviously blue..900 this weekend :)
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