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First Bike

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Two years after getting the license I finally got around buying my first bike. And as you have guessed it's a XSR700!

I'm looking to do some upgrades Little by little, I'm here too seek advice and get/give inspiration.

(And please excuse my poor English).

Glad to be here.

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Welcome to the forums and congratulations ! What kind of mods do you have planned ?
Hi, thanks,

When I go for the 1k check, my dealer will add the fork gaiters, a XSR900 handlebar and motor protections.

Then, if I find good deals I will take care of headlamp (XSR900 cup), blinkers and front fender. And maybe relocate the gauge.

I'll take care of the rear end later.

I'd like very much to modify the air intake but wont as long as the bike is under warranty.
Okay okay makes sense. Best to keep that warranty in check for as long as possible.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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