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Filling in some holes

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One thing I found a bit annoying was the open hole in the frame where it attaches to the engine, so £1.45 and visit to eBay tidied up that area quite nicely. In the future I’ll probably fit crush bungs there eventually.
Also I found some black plastic caps for Allen screws in the garage which just happened to fit the screws holding the speedo on.
Not a massive change, but cheap and cheerful but not too shoddy.


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Bike should be a good bit faster now with less wind resistance from those holes ;) Have you had any luck in putting some mileage on the new bike?
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Took the long way home from work yesterday, had about an hour bumbling around the countryside trying to keep to running-in revs🤯
Rain stopped play today.... but at least some holes won’t fill up with water next time I’m out in the rain😇
Smart fix! What do I search for on eBay to copycat? (or auction no, thx)
Hi Bigsteviet
These are the one I bought 40mm diameter
Just eased them in with a bit of petroleum jelly
Then again, that just shows a list of 'filament spools'!?!?! What should I search for? TIA
Strange, that link works for me. Try “tube bungs” “tube end caps” or “tube caps” in eBay
Weird - that link just worked perfectly!

Done and ordered; cheers DaveO :)
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DaveO - thank you!

This could be my cheapest bike mod ever!

Popped them in today with a couple of taps from the palm of my hand and it improves the look of the bike SO MUCH! (Well, for anyone that's going to look that closely, lol.)

Thanks for sharing :)
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