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Evotech levers/opened to suggestions

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I am thinking about changing levers as clutch one is not adjustable and i always somehow manage to stick my little finger under it :)
Is anyone using Evotech levers? ( https://evotech-performance.com/products/yamaha-xsr-700-short-clutch-and-brake-lever-set-2016 )
I am really opened to any suggestions - Please link the shops directly if possible (EU ones preferred).

Thank you !
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Hi, i have shorty evotech levers on xsr700 and triumph tiger 800. Definitely expensive but well finished, lighter (i seem to recall) and trusted! I.e. ebay horror stories. The adjusters are great. They are a little square which can hurt at first but you will quickly get used to them. No doubt other options on market e.g puig and rizoma or cheap ebay. Im happy with evotech.
I am also running Evotech short levers and like that they can be adjusted. They are about one inch shorter than the stock levers, so they aren't super short. I wish the adjustable switches were available in other colors besides red, but it is so small it's barely noticeable. I bought them directly from Evotech and they shipped them to the States within a few days! I also picked up the radiator guard and am happy with everything.

I'll attach a recent pic below for reference;


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Love the look on the EVotech ones!
What the F..k with these headlight bracket spacers ???!!!
Somebody in US had been very naughty one day :D
Just to confirm, the evo reach adjustment lever can be purchased seperately in multiple colours. I seem to recall Its an extra cost, or possibly you need to specify colour during order. Inhave the black adjuster.
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