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Engine break in

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So my bike has been honestly and religiously kept below 6000 rpm with only 1 momentary slip of 7000rpm. She is now in for her 600 mile service....done 560 miles. The bike shop told me to keep it as is for now then when at 700 miles go up to 7000rpm then 800 miles to 8000rpm etc etc until 1000 miles then open her up fully and run each gear once at high rpm when warm and im done.
Is this how you guys have done it or have u just ridden as hard as you want after 600?

Any advice would be great.
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Like you I've religiously kept to below half rpm and tried to short shift around 4-5,000 rpm with the exception of 1 screaming overtake.

Today was first ride post 600 mile service. I certainly didn't wring her neck but was less concerned with short shifting.

Not sure what official guidance is but won't be red lining any time soon.
No need to worry too much - modern engines don't need a lot of running in. Best to avoid harsh acceleration and prolonged constant speeds in the first few hundred km. Lots of gear changing and varying of revs helps everything bed in. Avoid hitting the red line too soon but don't labour the engine in low revs either. I tend to take it steady for the first 50 miles from new, partly as tyres and brake pads do need to bed in, then ride pretty much as normal! I certainly wouldn't worry about red lining after the first service. No engine should be worked hard until fully warmed up though - or it will break!
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I read the same thing somewhere...but was told when i picked my bike up after first service to just 'let rip':laugh:, as John says, wait till at operating temp before high revving shenanigans commence...>:)
I must admit to the odd squirt of acceleration before my service but nothing near to red line!
My bike goes in for 600 mile 'rip off' service tomorrow morning so I will let you know what my dealer says.
Like all my previous bikes, i ride the **** out of them, no babysitting and everything is running great. Theres a video on youtube where employees of yamaha does a hard break in on the dyno prior to shipment to get the piston rings to seal or something. Technically, our bikes isnt 0 km out the factory.
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600 mile service done.. I asked do I need to keep breaking the bike in anymore and his reply was 'No ride it however you want to'!!
Mine is booked in for 1k service on Tuesday. I'll ask the dealer and see what he says.
Had the service done today. Asked the technician about further care or engine break-in, and he said just be sensible and ride it as you like. No special instructions.
So ive decided to just ride it how i want to and to ve honest im changing up around 7000 rpm anyhow as i dont like screaming it so yes.....not as much of an issue as i tgought really
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