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Electrical load

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Does anyone know how much current I can draw from the bike without running the risk of flattening the battery?

I have installed or planning to install heated grips (22W), heated seat(25W), two fog lights(24W), extra handlebar turn signals, alarm and gps tracker, and I'm wondering if this is not too much.

Looking at the bike specs, it looks like the magneto delivers about 400W @ 5krpm (which is probably more than my average RPM, I'm a sedate driver :), but I'm not sure how much loss there is in the system or what the current needs are for the basic operation of the bike, so no way of calculating the headroom. The fact that I have converted all the light sources to LED probably saves a few watts, but still it would be good to know the whole thing is going to work before embarking on all the mods.

I have an ammeter, but I guess it wouldn't be easy to splice it in into the system to measure actual current draw.

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