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East Coast USA?

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Hey everyone, just got my XSR700 a few weeks ago, used to have a Triumph Thruxton, and I am absolutely loving the change/improvement!
Not sure how many people here are in the States, as I know the 700 is still new in the states, but always looking for new people to potentially ride with or just swap some good knowledge on this amazing bike. I've already spoken to a few of you international guys on some of the Facebook groups, and I appreciate all the feedback/advice!
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Hello, I'm also on the east coast (MD), and am also coming from a Triumph (Tiger 800). I actually picked my XSR up back in February, but have just been lurking on the site since then. I created an account to ask a question about ECU flashing, so I figured I'd pop in here and say hi while I was at it.
Welcome to both of you! Interesting to see that you both came to the XSR via Triumphs. I tried out a Street Twin before I bought my XSR - apart from the glorious exhaust note of the Triumph, the XSR won hands down on handling and performance. It was also much cheaper! Enjoy your purchases.
Tigerjohn, I also came from a Street Twin. As you said apart from that snotty exhaust sound on the ST the XSR wins hands down on handling etc. Triumph has lost yet another long term customer in me

Ian: Did you mean 'snorty' rather than snotty? TJ
Welcome fellow patriot, I'm on the best coast (west coast). I absolutely agree with TigerJohn on the street twin, hands down, XSR! I've put a few mods on mine including exhaust, bars, tail tidy and ecu flash. Plus a few others. It really is a solid motorcycle! Great purchase!
Welcome from South Jersey, I'm coming off a Harley road glide so this a completely different bike and I am loving it.Enjoying the light weight and handling , Other then the seat comfort of the Harley which I could do 700-800 miles a day with no problem..... guess my old butt will have to adapt.
xsr700 guy in NY

Hello all-
To all the US based XSR owners, I'm alive and well in northern NY (Adirondacks) which has some of the best riding. Tomorrow , my 70 yr -old butt will be mated to my new 700 for a 140 mile charity ride. Only have 81 miles on her to date, so I'm psyched. My bud is riding his Harley trike...ummm..all is good. I have to say , my XSR handles and performs as well as my recently sold BMW r1100s, which was a great bike and I don't particularly like Bimmers! Anyway, now that I've po ed all the Harley and Bimmer guys, let me suggest that northern NY offers great scenery, nice roads, restaurants and everything for an extended tour. I'm one hour south of Montreal and one hour north of Lake Placid. I don't work for travel and tourism, but having spent six months in Florida for the last two years, I've learned to appreciate how lovely this area is to ride. I was born and raised here and took it for granted. Today, my wife and I did @150 miles in our Solstice, had a picnic, explored new roads and were home by evening time. In Florida a biker is an organ doner. Just my two cents..and nothing against Harleys, I had one of those too, albeit a 1200 Sportster, which oddly around here was not recognized as a proper HD, but would blow the spokes off most of them! As for mine, I've blacked out the rad bits,took out the spacers in the front signals, so they look less like antlers, and tided up the tail a bit. In my opinion the aftermarket parts are quite pricey. hopefully more suppliers will jump on the wagon and bring the price down. I see some tasty bits for sale across the pond ,but with shipping...and the wife says," Err..there seems to be this expensive looking package addressed to you from the old country.." The dog and I are sleeping in the shed.
Thanks for listening ,
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