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Duffers Xsr at scorpion

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Sounds mint!
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Oh dear that is perfection. Little flames and some darn clear pops, perfect depth, looks good. What more could you possibly ask for ?
I couldn't possibly be more happier the bike absolutely sings now and at full chat it's amazing!
oh god that sounds absolutely amazing... is that beauty legal in germany?
Not sure what your regs state but the system removes the catalytic converter and with both baffles out it Wakes the dead
Doesn't sound legal. Which makes it even more glorious ;)
Now that's got me wanting a new exhaust! Sounds incredible - thanks for sharing. Been talking with my local dealer about the Akro twin, that sounds really sweet too with the baffles out, just a bit pricey!
Yeah at near on a grand plus fitting it's steep. The scorpion is around 600, but you can get it cheaper on eBay from some resellers
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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