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Do you like the new 2018 red XSR?

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So Yamaha have updated the XSR for 2018 with... the colour red. I quite like it though a burnt orange/rust colour would be smart


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Awesome! It looks good, but the particular kind of red coloration that Yamaha choosed gives me the idea of a more "modern" naked bike... I mean that (probably as you said) a more "classy" kind of red would have enforced the "sport heritage" look: if I want a light-red, sporty, naked bike, I'd buy a ducati monste. If I buy an XSR 700 is because I like the "retro-look" that it offers, and that kind of red quitely kills that retro style, in my opinion.
Still a nice bike after all; maybe in real it looks better.
Thanks for sharing :)
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In the pictures it looks quite nice colour:


The UK seems to get the balck radiator, the USA gets the grey one:


I see the mudguards are a different colour now as well.
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