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As my XSR came to me without its original headlight, it had a cheap & unbranded (as far as I can see) 7" LED headlight. As its lens was scratched, and I did not like the beam patter anyway, I looked around.
I was attrackted to the Denali headlight, but not to its price.
But with darker evenings closing in and living in a rural area where street lights are scarce, I had to do something. I have had Rigid Industries spotlights before on another bike, which were great but almost as expensive and they only improve the low beam spread of light.
But now, having created some spending money by selling off left over bits from bikes I've owned before, I had the funds.
So I got the 7" Denali which seems very well constructed and has straight forward plug in connections, and mounted it in a late Triumph/BSA "Flatback" headlamp shell.
I spent an exta £20 on a plug in gismo which enables the low beam to stay illuminated when hi beam is switched on.
This is a great help as you keep the lo beam spread in front of the bike as well as the hi beam projected down the road ahead.
Last night was the first time I have used it seriously after dark.
The first 30 miles on the motorway, I was very impressed with thje low beams pattern and its spread.
The last 20 miles on mostly unlit country roads, the combined effect of low & hi beams together was, well, BRILLIANT!
One criticism would be that for the money, compared with the very, very effective low beam, hi beam is just a little dissapointing. Still better than almost any other hi beam I have experienced, but just a little dissapointing compared to the super effective low beam.
I know that the standard XSR has too small a headlight pod to fit the 7" light, but Denali also make 5.3/4" which may be possible to fit.
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