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Delkevic Exhaust fitted

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Just fitted a Delkevic carbon fibre exhaust to my XSR. Must say, really pleased with the quality. All the pipes are single piece, no welding of part bends to short straights. Finish is excellent and the pipe really suits the bike. Only point to note would be it is really loud. I went for the 350mm can which is supposed to be a bit quieter. All I can say is it is MUCH louder than stock. The tone is meaty. The bike sounds really angry, all the time, but in a good way. I would say if you're going to go with one of these to get the longer cans, unless you want super loud!! Recommended.
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Nice one! Let us see some pictures or a small video to hear the beast roaring! :D

I also bought Delkevic exhaust 350 one week ago but it is still not installed since I'm waiting for insulating wrap.
What your Yamaha dealer told you about warranty since this is aftermarket exhaust? I didn't ask mine yet.
Have you fitted the exhaust yet? You'll be well pleased, it sounds great and looks great.

I didn't ask about the warranty. My bike has a few thousand miles on it now so hopefully nothing major wrong with the engine. I believe any mods are only relevant if they can be proved to have a caused a defect you're trying to make a warranty claim against. So yes, if your valves burn out, you have no chance of getting this repaired on warranty as the new exhaust might have made the bike run lean. But, if your rear brake light stops working or you radiator leaks, should be pretty hard to claim this was caused by a different exhaust, so should be ok.
I know this is an old thread but I am interested in a Delkevic full system. The only potential problem is I have the SW-MoTech center stand AND the RD-Moto CF58KD engine guards and am afraid there may be fitment problems. Those two options used one of the same mounting points which required some bolt and spacer changes. Afraid the pipes may do the same and may not have room for more mods in that area. Plus those items may get in the way of the pipes. Anyone here tried a full system with a similar situation? I know this is a long shot but don't want to spend over $450 with shipping and tax to find out it won't fit.

BTW, the center stand was the best mod I have made by far. The engine guards are great also. Only took 6 weeks to get those to the US from The Czech Republic and shipping was ridiculous!
Well, I took a chance and ordered the 18" Oval Delkevic system. (See previous post above). With a little fiddling I was able to get it on with the SW-MoTech centerstand. I got this one because it was the quietest they had according to the person I talked to at Delkevic. Turns out they have a longer baffle available. It is louder than I expected but has a good sound. Looks great, really a good deal, especially for the price. ($345.95).
Here are some pics.


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Looks good. I have the same pipe in the workshop to install now that the weather has gotten colder. I need to make a couple supports for the muffler since I don't run passenger pegs. I picked up an extra band clamp to put on two of them. Also picked up the extra quiet baffle in case I wanted to use it.

Several other tasks to do this winter as well. Headlight bucket change out and new tail light set up.
I saw your previous posts and wondered how you were going to use a second support. I looked at my bike and couldn't figure out how to mount a second one. Please post a pic when you figure it out. As delivered there are only two mounting points, the header and passenger foot peg supports. However it does seem to be very secure when mounted. I am thinking of ordering that longer baffle also. If you try them both, please let us know how much it quiets down the exhaust. It is not so loud that it would disturb the neighbors unless you gun it pretty hard but I like a quiet pipe. My Vmax is back to stock exhaust after trying several different systems (Jardine, Kerker and drilled out stock pipes.)
I will do so. The plan is to use the upper rear peg mount bolt hole. I am going to use some aluminum flat stock to get it positioned with the triangulation of the clamps and brackets the way I want. I may consider getting a one piece bracket made once I know dimensions and have the bars bent to suit.

I ordered the quieter baffle and clamp to save on shipping. They put it in the same box as the exhaust. I am hoping the pipe will have good tone without much excess volume. Your experience is telling me it will do the trick.

FWIW if you don't ride two up much, consider the solo saddle. For me it is more comfortable than the OEM saddle and they can be swapped out in less than 30 seconds.
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