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Dead after jump starting

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Tragedy has struck. I left the ignition on all day. Battery was reading 3v. Started it off a spare battery and jumper leads. It idled for 30 seconds before conking out. I assumed it died from low idle voltage so I went to start it again and give it some revs. I thought I heard the fan come on but the screen and everything was dead.

I charged the battery to 13.5V. Still dead. No fan this time. Over the phone the shop suggests I attempted to jump it reverse. I've been jumping old bikes and cars for years without fail so I think this is unlikely. I've checked the fuses under the seat. Could it be anything else?
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I'm a very relieved idiot. It was the main fuse which was hiding under a white cover beneath one of the other fuse boxes. You have to lift the black fuse box off its mount to get the cover off the main fuse. I reckon it probably blew because I forgot to switch the bike off before connecting the leads the second time.
At least you've figured out what the problem was. Do you need replace the blown ones with new fuses?
Phew ! Glad everything got figured out ! Could you possibly take pictures of the fuse box and the location of the main fuse ??
Yamaha was nice enough to supply a spare of each type of fuse. I'll take some photos when I replace the spare.
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