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Custom front brake reservoir covers

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I thought i'd start a new thread regarding the brake reservoir covers i've designed and made, I've had a fair bit of interest so decided to make a batch of twelve initially and i've also got a couple of raw polished alloy like the one fitted to mine.

I've had the latest ones anodised black and they look great, in one of the photo's i've shown the back of the cover to show that it's exactly the same as the 'oe' factory profile with the 'breather grooves and profile for the plastic inner gasket.

Pricewise they'll be £44-00 each plus postage. Not the cheapest but the quality is second to none... and there are more expensive ones out there.

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Wow man congratulations! Your work is so nice!
Would you mind (idk if that's even possible so let me know :D ) making them in other colors, too?
Maybe a forest green, grey and anniversary - yellow would be the kind of customization that pushes this to a new level! I'm also interested into the alloy ones, can you please post a detailed pic of the one you're "wearing" on your bike? :)
Nice work indeed I would be proud of them myself!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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