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Cross type tyre suggestions please! ?

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Hi, everybody.

I recently got an xsr 700. I'm planning to get motocross type tyres on it.

I just wander wether the size of those tyres should be exactly the same with original ones that came on bike? And do you have any suggestions regarding the brand or series?..

The tech specs say:

Front tyre 120/70ZR 17M/C(58V) (Tubeless)

Rear tyre 180/55 ZR 17M/C(73V) (Tubeless)

Thanks in advance!..

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By the way I checked the off-road tyre brands and there are no compatible tyres of the same size ?

Lots of XSR's with off road style tyres.

you may be able to figure out these tyres?


Maybe able to read blogs and find the tyres on the xsr700 liberty yam, bunker custom or rough crafts soil scorpion.
You will find it difficult to find a wide motocross tyre selection, because of the size. I think someone posted a photo in here but I don't remember who
I'm looking to do the same mate....best I've found that still give some street grip are Continental TKC70 £109 front, £136 rear.
Hope this assists.
Thanks for suggestions! So this time I got TKC80's. Approx 270£ Online in ?stanbul.. really liked the aggressive look it added to the bike!

My first riding experience is:

Some tremor up to 20km/h but none at faster speeds..

Knobs are softer than I expected. However provides better handling..

Tkc70 must be good too.. but this one adds a real beastie appearance..
This it how it looks from behind


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This is the best tyre I have ever ridden with, corners, sticks to the road, mileage. It is unfortunate that they only have it in 160 for the rear wheel.
sorry, i could'nt see any suitable TKC80 for rear tire. Which sizes do you use?

How do you think theese will work?
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That one was awesome!
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