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Crash bobbins: Torque

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I bought recently the Evotech crash protection bobbins and the instructions doesn't specifies the tightening torque so, I read the workshop manual and I find this:
Is that the frame mounting bolts for the bobbins? (The blue marked)
This kind of stuff always confuses me :laugh: .


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Hi mate. I had a similar debate with some Barracuda bobbins. The actual engine mount bolts are tightened to 75nm and this seems to be the way to go. Plenty of members seemed to agree too. The bonkers thing was that I asked Barracuda directly and they didn't have a clue. My Yamaha dealer reckoned 75nm was ok so that's the torque I've used without issue.

Quite like this Evotech stuff. I have a rad guard and the quality is really nice. Pretty discrete logo too, which I like.

Cheers dude.
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