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cosmetic mods finished, opinions please.

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My 60th Anniversary with pretty much all cosmetic mods finished. Very pleased with the look

Cheers daps


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Congratulations man you did a really nice job!! I like how the bike looks overall: what did you put in the middle of the handlebar, near the speedo unit? Give us a "rider's point of view" pic too!! ;)
The only thing I would mind about changing still, is the back brake oil container on the right side of the bike. Your bike is fully black+yellow, really "slim" and "dynamic-looking" : that white little container really really burns the eye while giving a general look to your fantastic bike! I'd probably swap that container with a black one, or just paint it in black, or cover it with black plastic stripes!!
Just my two cents btw, once again your bike looks great!
Hi Knaith, thanks for the comments. I simply changed the bars to rental low street bars and the clocks are still mounted in the middle as the original.

Yeah see what you mean about the rear brake resovoir, I might go down the JVB side covers yet

Cheers daps
Looking great there and I'm a big fan of how compact everything looks. Didn't really notice the back brake oil container until you pointed it out and now I can't unsee it.
Like it very much...I´m not "single" otherwise would walk the same path ...
Hi mate. Bike looks good. What exhaust hanger is that? Does that replace the rear foot peg?
Hi John.
The exhaust hanger is the one that came with the Mivv exhaust. It is designed to be mounted behind the rear foot pegs. I wanted to remove the rear pegs so modified it slightly and got it powder coated black as the finish was very poor.
I'm thinking of replacing the exhaust at some point as im not that impressed with the finish compared to Arrow or Acra however it does sound awesome.

Cheers daps
How do you fit the Evotech Tail Tidy to your XSR' Butt ?
Really Nice mods !
My 60th Anniversary with pretty much all cosmetic mods finished. Very pleased with the look

Cheers daps
can we get a better look at the license plate bracket or what you used, i want to go solo seat but my issue is the plate and lights. thank!
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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