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Coolant level

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Hi one more time. Now, I noticed that the coolant level on my xsr seems to be low but, I opened the radiator and the liquid was spilling from the top.
I am confused, isn´t the deposit near to the oil filter the coolant deposit? The colour of the liquid is also different.

Some pics:


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Mine is the same, the coolant is just above the ‘L’ mark when the engine is cold.

I have bought some Yamalube coolant, so if it drops below the ‘L’ mark I will add more coolant.

If you want to add coolant, only use Yamalube Coolant. Different brands of coolant might not mix!

The radiator should be full to the top of the radiator cap. The coolant expands when the engine gets hot and the level in the expansion tank will rise. When the engine is cold the level will drop when the coolant contracts.

Not sure why the coolant colour looks different in the expansion tank and the radiator, it's the same liquid. Mine is like this also?

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So I just had a wee look in mine - the fluid directly under the rad-cap is green, the fluid in the low-slung reservoir is a sort of pinkish-amberish (where's me Pantone chart when I needs it..). As @wex700 says, the coolant level appears low when the coolant is ..well, cool! (I'm guessing we're all checking the reservoir with the bike level here, too, rather than on the side-stand or anything?)

I'm just [wildly!] speculating here, but perhaps the factory-fitted coolant is a mixture of different grades, and over time they separate out based on density or thermal properties or something, with one eventually floating to the top?

I can't imagine it'd actually be necessary, but personally if I wanted to add fluid, to be on the safe side I'd probably drain and refill from scratch, I think. (Yes, seriously OCD, I know!)
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Alright thanks guys! I will continue with this coolant to the first service, then ask for a check in the dealer.
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