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Chain tensioner locknut

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Hi all,

my XSR (3500 kms) yesterday had its chain tensioner locknut come loose which resulted in the tensioner plate turning off-centre. This in turn struck one of the sprocket nuts (presumably while I was doing a fair few KMH as I neither heard nor felt it go). The plate has broken in two, bent the bolt and dented the swingarm.

The dealer had the bike in for its first service - the chain would have been tightened then - at 1100 kms. I have not touched the mechanics since so either the locknut system is faulty, because it didn't, or the nuts weren't tightened sufficiently.

I would be interested to see if anyone else has had this issue. In any case, it may be worthwhile getting nylock nuts or loctite on them post-tension.

Any comments appreciated!

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Thanks for the heads up....That doesn't sound good!!!...and you're very lucky that it didn't jam up as you'd have been in trouble then...!!
I'll definitely be checking mine out but certainly worth putting a nylock or similar on for piece of mind... there's a good chance the dealer didn't tighten them up sufficiently and the vibration worked them loose, but of course there's no proof so you'll never know... just glad it didn't lock the rear wheel and you came out unscathed...
Oh yeah, it was a very nervous ride back to the dealer (this was a post- wiring recall repair incident)... the bolt was bent in such a fashion that it had jammed the plate onto the swingarm but definitely a narrow escape - the day before I had a 75 km highway blast at (around) 100 KMH. That could have ended much differently. I'm a little surprised that Yamaha, and other manufacturers, don't use nyloc nuts as standard - much safer.
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