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Central trunk for xsr700... givi / kappa?

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Im considering a givi 47N central trunk to xsr700... did anyone try this? I wonder whether it ruins the look or not... if Yes - any other ideas for luggage without usage of Rear seat?
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On page 17 of "what did you do today..." thread ( http://www.xsr700forums.com/forum/7...o-your-yamaha-xsr-700-today-17.html#post31673 ) you´ve got some photos of mine (h&b side and rear racks and large givi trunk old 47l one I think) if you want to see how they look...I agree that it doesn´t look particularly good...but need the space xd.
When you really need the space it's hard to be picky lol. It doesn't look particularly bad... but I don't think it looks particularly good either haha. But again, you gotta do what you gotta do ;)
The side bags by themselves look great (And unlike other soft bags they do lock to the bike. Just get a lock for the zip and they´re reasonably secure.And when they´re off the mounts dont ruin the lines of the bike.) and they give 44l of space (22l each), but with the trunk...rear too large,bike needs to do more squats at gym jajaja xdxd
oops I did it :)

it's very.... hmmm practical :) good thing is that it is also easy to detach :)


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Lol practical is the perfect word for explaining it ;)
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