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Brake Pads

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Hi guys,

Can anyone tell me what brake pads (Front and rear) i need for a XSR700 (ABS) 2017 model?
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Hi guys,

Can anyone tell me what brake pads (Front and rear) i need for a XSR700 (ABS) 2017 model?
If you mean Yamaha's 'official'/factory parts, the codes are:


Thanks nightic.

I'm not fussed about OEM parts. Do brake pads come in stock sizes or are they bike specific?

I'm looking on ebay and don't want to get the wrong ones.
...what is wrong with the OEM parts?

Do you have problems with your brakes or do you need some upgrade in performance?

For lazy ebay buyers (I do not care for the local salesman) maybe one check is sufficient, that those pads are suitable for MT-07 as well. Other buyers would go for the translation tables, where you will find the OEM parts number and the parts number of the alternative article such as for the organic or sinter pads. I think some minutes own effort will bring you the result you want.
If you're buying them on eBay, fine, but beware cheap, inferior quality pads which won't last or perform as well as reputable brands. I would certainly consider the OEM pads - they're not something you'll change too frequently (unless you're very heavy handed/footed!). I do agree, though, that OEM parts have a price premium out of all proportion to their quality at times - the Honda oil filter I recently bought for the wife's car left me feeling I'd been robbed!
When it comes to brakes and tires do not cheap out!
You will regret it when its to late.
I ended up going with EBC pads recommended by my Yamaha garage. £70 for a full set.
Okay, which type did you buy? Blackstuff, Goldstuff, Extreme Pro?

And how many kilometers did you go with the first set of brake pads?
I think they're Blackstuff but i'll check when i get home. I applied some copper grease to reduce dust.

I did around 8000km with my first set. My rear pads still had a bit of life in them but i swapped them out anyway.
Sounds like a good choice!
Never tested them on bikes but on cars with good experience.
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