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Brake light and indicator combined

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I was thinking of getting my own tail tidy fabricated and connecting up this LED light with the built in indicators. It only has 5 wires and I thought the indicators have a + and a - to them. This only has one wire for left indicator and one for right.


Will this work? I'm still waiting to pick up my bike so can't look at the wiring myself. I just want to get some bits ready for when it is delivered. I'm also a bit of noob when it comes to bike electrics.

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I'm not sure how this would work...
Usually the light has three wires and each indicator two. The bike has a plug with three connectors for the light and one plug for each indicator with two connectors each. For my tail I just cut off the plugs from the original lamps and smoldered them to the new ones. Also there is an additional two-connector plug for the number plate illumination on the bike, which this product doesn't seem to have (at least not separately).

I'm also a noob in this so I can't tell you if it works... But the part is pretty cheap so you could just try it out.
Thanks mate.

I didnt think it would work. It would look nice having it all in one unit but probably best just to keep them separate anyway.
Hi guys,
I was watching the yamahapart site (http://www.yamahapart.com) - blinker section (unfortunately there is only the XSR900 section).
The strange thing is the number of cable from the bike to the flasher bulb: 3 !!
See the page: http://www.yamahapart.com/oemparts/a/yam/571506c787a8661278a052ba/flasher-light

Is the "non European" version of our bike o the same cable is present already in the EU bike?
If yes, my idea is change the standard flasher light with an aftermarket version equipped with the daylight function or with a switchback bulb....

Can someone help me?

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1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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