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Bonjour from Paris

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Hi everyone, just got my XSR a week ago. Great bike so far!
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Bienvenue onboard!

Are you planning to attend this??? https://www.facebook.com/events/226966694318493/
I might, looks interesting. Merci for the info. :)
Bienvenue, Ben. Sympa de voir des possesseurs de XSR français ! :)

That Bikeshed event sounds cool, will probably have a look this weekend.
I might, looks interesting. Merci for the info. :)
You are welcome! :)

If I was a bit closer I would attend too.
Welcome to the forum, glad to have you here.

Have you started thinking about what modifications and accessories you want to get for your XSR?
Keep us posted on what you end up doing to it, would be interested in seeing.
Hi all, here is a picture of what I'd like to do on my bike.

Things I've done:

- Side radiator cover
- Radiator guard
- Rear view mirrors
- Solo seat
- Gaiters
- Fly screen (black)
- Took off the side cataphote (front wheel)
- Took off the passenger pegs
- Crash bobbins

Things I'll do:

- Super 7 front fender
- Akrapovic exhaust
- Shorten the rear

Things I might do:

- Black levers
- Super 7 handlebars
- Super 7 side panels

Tell me what you think, if you have any suggestions?


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Hi Ben,

Really interesting mods ! I really like the render with the Akra pipe and the shortened tail.

Do you have pics of your bike with the latest mods you've already made?
How do you like the fly screen ? I just got the Aluminium version, can't decide whether I like it better with or without it...
Welcome Ben, once you finish your mods the bike will be stunning. The picture it is already.
Thank you guys, here are some pictures of the actual mods. I should get the bobbins next week.
Firenze: i really like the screen. In my opinion, it makes the headlight shorter and more cafe racer like.


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Looking good sir!!!! Are you gping for the Akra double pipe?
Thanks Krm, but I didn't get your question :)
Are you planing to install the Akrapovic exhaust with the double pipe?
Yes, I'm waiting for the availability. I would like to listen to it too before though. I guess it will sound like the one that Akra designed for the Ducati Scrambler. You can find some videos on YouTube.
I find unsightly the gap left between the seat and the tail light (when with the solo seat).
Two options to fill the gap in my opinion: either you get rid of the rear buckle but you need to find a new way to reattach the lights and license plate. Or you build yourself a seat cowl.
I like this option because you've nothing to take appart, the problem is you have to be really crafty to make it (which I'm not :).
As anyone an Idea how to make it as easy as possible? Or how much would it cost me to make it done by a professional?

Here is a picture with an without the seat cowl.


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