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Birmingham bike show!

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Anyone else been to the above yet or planning on going? Popped down there yesterday and had a good look around etc. Saw the xsr900 abarth in the flesh but got to say.....not my cup of tea! Too much carbon for my liking

They had two xsr700 on the stand, a garage silver and the 2017 black version. Really didn't like the black one though - the 'solid' colour seemed to drown out the overall effect. Defo the silver (or green).

It was fairly empty being a Tues but I did go early. For me the highlights were the new Nortons - wow!

Plenty of good deals on jackets etc if you need a new one - but some accessories were still more than online prices so be careful!
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Thanks for sharing, i didn't even know it was on..!!!
Did you take any pictures of the show? Maybe some of the new Nortons? And the xsr700 of course.
I would have taken pics.......if I'd not left my phone in the car!!!

The nortons look sublime - they were getting as much attention as Marquez's RCV!

I was gutted when I realised I'd forgot my phone, as I wanted to show the black xsr direct comparison to the silver. Oh well..........!
It was on tv last night, those Nortons looked sublime. They talked abour the new MT-09 and MT-10sp, but no mention of the XSR range.
I went Sunday and it was rammed. Had some nice "yard built" bikes and I managed to pick up a Richa leather jacket at half price. If you want to try kit on before you buy and bargains go to Birmingham. Its always worth looking out for the Kickback shows, a lot smaller but worth a visit.
Those shows are a great place for cheap gear. I don't mind if they're last year's designs as long as they look decent and is of good quality.

Too bad you left your phone in the car, but such is life. Probably rushed out to see all the bikes. :wink2:
There was some lovely bikes there, good day out and the test rides were a great touch, I took the new Honda Africa twin out, they ride like a magic carpet on the road. I loved the BMW r9t things as well. And the t7 prototype. I am crap at photography so here's some bad phone photos :grinning:


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The R9T looks amazing
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