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Bike Stolen

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Had my bike stolen last night by some low life scum.
I decided to have a walk round my local area and found it. Bit of luck really as we are in the middle of moving house, and my insurance ran out last week, so I thought I would save on admin fees and wait till we had a move date so not insured LESSON LEARN'T
Anyway damage to headlight, ignition, speedo, etc.

Because I have no insurance im looking for a headlight complete, and speedo for the glass, I will have to send bike to dealers for ignition to be sorted but any parts I can get would be a bonus, has anybody got a headlight for sale?
I know people change the headlight for aftermarket types, so someone may have a standard one gathering dust which would save me Yamaha prices.

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man thats terrible. atleast you found it. good luck with the repairs.
Good evening. I just changed my headlight and could give the original. Where about are you from?
Sorry to hear that yet another XSR has been taken. Good to see the offer of help above - that's what owners forums are about. Hope you manage to sort out the rest of the damage.
That really sucks man, doesn't sound like it could have been worse timing. Glad to hear you were able to track it down though. I'm assuming you just found it ditched somewhere?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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