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Snowy day here in Maine with nothing better to do but think about my XSR 700…. and my mirrors, so saw many questions for the same on this Forum and decided to add my comments. Stock mirrors are UGLY!. I went with the Rizoma Reverse Retro Bar End Mirrors I got from Revzilla and mounted them on the existing bar ends and down initially (photo indoors), but eventually (closeup shot) got the Rhino Moto Bar end finisher from Brogue and the mirrors are UP. They fit great, tight and I can see. Still want to play with them DOWN, but visibility is not the best and not sure what looks best either, but know you should DEFINITELY not use the stock ends - the mirror will slip…. I don’t care if the flat end of the mirror is in or out because I don’t ride between cars but should ideally be flat end out. It was EASY to buy from both places and they’re both GREAT to work with! I did “toss” my faring that did nothing for the ride (shown in the 1st) and love my Brogue LED light etc. The last two photos were taken before I got the Rhino bar ends.
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