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Bagster Baglocker or something else for a tank bag?

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I'm planning on going for a long trip with my bike, so I've been thinking about getting a tank bag and some sort of a bag strapped to the back of the seat. Do you guys have any recommendations for tank bags?

The Yamaha Sport Heritage bags are a bit pricey and the tank bag is way too small to be useful on long road trips. A local retailer has Bagster Baglocker bags that look interesting, but I'm not sure if this Yamaha tank support (http://www.bagster.com/plug-c32-baglocker-yamaha.html) fits the XSR700 or not. Has anyone tried these?
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Sorry, I do not have any experience with those tank ring click and lock solutions.
I just want to advise, that due to the lower level of the tank ring screws, the manufacturer, supplier or dealer should confirm, that a mounting on the XSR is possible.
You are right, the tank ring is recessed on the XSR, so a baglocker made for an MT probably wouldn't work. It took me way too long to notice that :laugh:
Fortunately the parts sales guy at the local Yamaha dealer found a solution from Givi. I ordered a soft Givi 15 liter tanklock bag and Givi BF24 fitting kit. Because the fuel filler door on an XSR is so far up front, the fitting kit doesn't actually mount over the filler door. I also ordered a simple Givi waterproof roll bag (UT801) to be mounted on the rear seat with elastic straps. Hopefully this combined 45 liters is enough for a four-day road trip :grin2:
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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