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Australia, Gold Coast.

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Picked up my xsr700 last Thursday and fitted RG tail tidy, pro taper mini high bars, rental grips and an akro exhaust. Great fun bike.

After retiring for racing jetskis last year it was time for another toy.

Have Levers and under bar mirrors and flat seat on the way and need to sort out the giant indicators.

The pro taper mini high bars made a massive difference to the handling and because they're such a high bend (still about 1 inch lower than stock) you don't need to buy new bar clamps.


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Nice one!!

I'm waiting for the RG tail tidy, it looks impressive! :grin2:

Don't you wanna change the indicators for led ones?

Enjoy with your new toy :) :D :p
Yes will change the indicators, however, there is too many to choose from.

One item I found which will make the install a lot simpler is these Yamaha indicator adaptors so you don't have to cut the stock connections off (hated doing it for the tail light).


All good indicators will come with the bullet connectors already installed that will plug straight into this, making the whole change over plug and play. You'll just need the flasher relay.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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