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Anyone wrapped their exhaust?

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Hi all

Just wondering if any one has wrapped the exhaust? Is their any benefit / problems with doing this?

Was thinking about it but not sure it'll look right with my black widow carbon tip exhaust system... !

Any pics would be great
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For what i read, bennefits, just for the looks, unless you have a turbo :) the gain will be very little, but the wrap will get wet with the rain and ruin your exhaust in a very short time, there are ways to isolate the wrap from the rain, but the price that exhausts are for a Kg, im not taking the risk....
Are you looking at heat wraps for the exhaust? Or just regular wrap for aesthetic reasons?
They have that gold heat wrap, or the fabric type, gotta be a little more specific

Was thinking of it just for aesthetics - but don't want to cause any issues later on!
Unless you have titanium pipes, wrapping them won't cause any problems down the road.

Thanks all for the info - it'll be a winter project!

Which route do you plan on going ?? Don't just leave us hanging !
Still 50/50 at the mo!

I do like the colour the stainless header / pipe is going, but wrapping may look more 'cafe racer'. I'll let xmas get out of the way first tho before deciding!
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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