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Another stolen XSR700 [UK]

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Hey all, mine was taken off of my drive (Greenwich, London) last night - usual story, they cut the chain and left the pieces. Must have gotten past my alarm and immobiliser.

Anyway, it's been reported to the police and insurance - I don't have high hopes, but please keep an eye out for a forest green XSR700, RV17 XZX. It's got some noticeable mods:

  • Akrapovic exhaust
  • Pirelli Diablo Rossi III rear tyre
  • Green anodised touring footpegs
  • Short gunmetal & green levers
  • Silver front number-plate
  • Aftermarket aluminium front mud-guard
  • Aluminium side-panels
  • Bar-end caps
  • Go-Pro mount on brake fluid box
  • TomTom RAM mount on handlebars

Speedo will read ~9,900 miles. I took this baby all over Europe back in easter so I'm gutted to see her gone :(

Pictures here:

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Very sorry to hear that - you must be gutted......which is probably what we should do to the scumbags who think it's OK just to nick a bike if they want one. Hopefully, it'll reappear undamaged, but don't hold your breath.
There’s a good chance it will be in one piece. They are very easy to bypass the immobiliser so they get used, like mine was :(
So sorry to hear of this. Hopefully it's easier to spot your unique xsr700 than an un-modded one.
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