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Alright gents

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Hi boys and girls,

Owned my xsr from new for a year now and starting to tinker so mostly be asking questions about bits n pieces as never customised a bike before.

Currently between Tidworth and West Yorkshire but bike tends to live up north for the better roads!
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Hey pal,

What do you have planned?

Most mods are fairly simple bolt-on jobbies, chances are that someone here has done something similar to any ideas you have.
Looking to add a seat cowl first, remove the rear foot rests etc. Probably get some clip ons rather than the stock handlebars. First will probably be a tail tidy though!
Welcome to the forum. Looking forward to reports + pics of your mods.
Looking good, like the tail tidy
Welcome to the forums and congratulations on finally making it over here.... finally ;)

Post some photos up!
Hi gents. Here's my baby :)
If that was in the city it wouldn't stand out so much, hence I love seeing these bikes out in older settings. You probably get a lot of looks aside from the fact its a bike.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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