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So I've been doing some testing with the Akra titanium exhaust and I'll post my (un)scientific findings for your reading pleasure.
As a starter, performance mods so far are Hordpower airbox, Akrapovic titanium exhaust, 2WDW flash, and R6 throttle tube.

Max top speed achieved (stock)- 133mph (downhill 5 degree grade, tailwind)
The rest of my runs were at a flat place with 5-10 mph wind going sideways across the road, above is just a baseline of the engine to see what it could do.

Akra w/ original baffle top speed- 125mph
I ride with earplugs for the wind noise and wanted more sound for audio cues of when to shift so I pulled the baffle.

Akra w/o baffle top speed- 128mph
This supported previous posts on the fz07 forums on letting the bike breathe by opening up the exhaust. Sadly it was way to loud and after 45min+ rides it was a chore.
Searched around and thought you should be able to keep the higher flow with the MT09/XSR900 baffle and while keeping the louder than original baffle noise.
It was nice having the exhaust waves vibrate your chest while sitting on the bike though...

Akra w/ modified MT09/XSR900 baffle top speed- 115mph
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This was a shock to me but after research of airflow and how it does not like to make sharp turns it made sense. Also, the longer the baffle tubes are, the more resistance is put on the exhaust. This results in the exhaust gases slowing and choking the bike. The combination of these two things was resulting in the bike accelerating to 115mph and abruptly cutting power.

Akra w/ further modified MT09/XSR900 baffle top speed- 128mph
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By cutting the tubes very close to the welds and drilling two extra holes between the longest tube and the other tubes I feel as I have remedied the top speed cut problem.

It also looks way better in the exhaust imo because it takes up the space better.
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Take this with a grain of salt because it's not really scientific, it was on the same road and near the mountains so wind was going going the same direction. Tests were conducted in the same week on different days but I'm in Cali, so weather really didn't change much.
As a final note, no, you aren't gonna get past your original top speed with tune, intake, and exhaust. But damn if you don't get there quicker.

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I spent a fair bit of time swapping and changing my exhaust. My baseline wasn't top speed though it was how smooth it sounded and pulled through the gears. Too loud was out but a crisp bark was in, like a lot of people I wanted to hear the pipe. I think now it pulls really well and almost has a little power band around 5 to 9 where the pipe has a growl. It does not rev into the redline, that doesn't bother me I'm happy changing gear before that.
It pulls straight through to around the 120 mark then I'd have to lay on the tank to squeeze any more out of it. Those days are well behind me. It does this with just the pipe change. I often think about sticking it on a dyno to get some true figures to compare.
To sum up I'm happy with it, it pulls really well and sounds good without popping and banging. You can't get any more scientific than that! :)
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